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House Bill 410

General Assembly: 131

Short Title: Addresses habitual and chronic truancy   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 2151.011, 2151.022, 2151.18, 2151.23, 2151.27, 2151.28, 2151.311, 2151.35, 2151.354, 2152.02, 2152.021, 2152.19, 2152.26, 2919.24, 3313.534, 3313.66, 3313.661, 3314.03, 3321.041, 3321.13, 3321.16, 3321.19, 3321.191, 3321.22, 3321.38, 3326.11, 3328.24, 4510.32, and 5919.34 and to enact section 3313.668 of the Revised Code to modify truancy and compulsory school attendance law and to specify that a National Guard scholarship recipient who fails to complete the recipient's term of enlistment in the National Guard due to enlistment, warrant, commission, or appointment in the United States armed forces is not liable for repayment of the scholarship.

Primary Sponsor: Representative Rezabek, Representative Hayes

Version: As Enrolled

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Senate Committees
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationMay 17, 20161st HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Representatives Jeff Rezabek and Bill HayesOhio House of RepresentativesProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationMay 24, 20162nd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Erin DaviesJuvenile Justice CoalitionProponentDownload
Gabriella Celeste Schubert Center for Child Studies ProponentDownload
Kimberly JordanJustice for Children ProjectProponentDownload
Brandi Slaughter Voices for Ohio's Children ProponentDownload
Robert ColeAdvocates for Basic Legal Equality ProponentDownload
Dustin McKee National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio ProponentDownload
Angi LeeEaster Seals OhioProponentDownload
Elizabeth Laureano Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLCProponentDownload
Janet HalesOhio Poverty Law CenterProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationSeptember 27, 20163rd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Dr. Jason Fruth Wright State University Interested PartyDownload
T.S. and Antoine ScalesStudent and ParentProponentDownload
Sarah BiehlChildren's Defense FundProponentDownload
Margaret TazewellKnox County Head StartProponentDownload
Thomas Ash, Barbara Shaner, Jennifer HogueBASA, OASBO, OSBAInterested PartyDownload
Robert ColeAdvocates for Basic Legal Equality ProponentDownload
Mary HonakerStudents for Education ReformProponentDownload
Sara LiangStudents for Education ReformInterested PartyDownload
James Schuster Students for Education ReformInterested PartyDownload
Brandi Slaughter Voice's for Ohio's ChildrenProponentDownload
Sarah BryerNational Juvenile Justice NetworkProponentDownload
Melissa Arnold American Academy of Pediatrics ProponentDownload
Sara V. SmithParentProponentDownload
Gabriella CelesteInterested PartyDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationNovember 15, 20164th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Scott DiMauro Ohio Education AssociationProponentDownload
Nicole MarcusStudents for Education ReformInterested PartyDownload
Gabriella CeleseSchubert Center at Case Western Reserve UniversityInterested PartyDownload
Robert ColeAdvocates for Basic Legal EqualityProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationNovember 29, 20165th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Michael Hanlon Geauga/Lake County SchoolsInterested PartyDownload
Janet HalesOhio Poverty Law Center ProponentDownload
Jeff Brown Granville Exempted Village School District Interested PartyDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
EducationDecember 6, 20166th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Erin DaviesJuvenile Justice Coalition Interested PartyDownload
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