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A Guidebook For Ohio Legislators

Guidebook for Ohio Legislators - Thirteenth Edition 2013-2014

The Guidebook summarizes the Ohio lawmaking process and provides other information about state government that should be of interest to legislators. Although the Guidebook is intended for use as a reference by members and staff of the General Assembly, it also may be useful to others interested in Ohio's legislative procedures.

Chapters of the Guidebook

The Constitutional Framework of Ohio State Government Download
The Legislative Branch Download
Legislative Benefits, Privileges, and Restrictions of Office Download
Organizing the General Assembly Download
Enacting Legislation Download
Tools for Understanding a Bill Download
Legislative Oversight Download
The Ohio Budget Process Download
Staff Services Available to the General Assembly Download
Legislators and the Media Download
The Executive Branch Download
The Judicial Branch Download
Ohio: Statehood to State House Download


Selected Sections of the Ohio Constitution Download
Procedures for Contested Elections Download
Statutory and Common Law Download
Information Sources Download
Ohio General Assembly Demographics Download
Parliamentary Procedure Guides Download