House Bills 
 H. B. No. 2Create TechCred and Microcredential Assistance ProgramsDownload 
 H. B. No. 4Develop industry-recognized credential and certificate programsDownload 
 H. B. No. 6Creates Ohio Clean Air ProgramDownload 
 H. B. No. 12Create Children's Behavioral Health Prevention Network GroupDownload 
 H. B. No. 50Declare certain hospital employee inventions property of hospitalDownload 
 H. B. No. 59Designate April as Ohio Native Plant MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 62Creates FY 2020-2021 transportation budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 79Creates FY 2020-2021 Industrial Commission budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 80Creates FY 2020-2021 Workers' Compensation budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 86Correct error in definition of "dangerous ordnance"Download 
 H. B. No. 129Permit wearing hearing protection while riding motorcycleDownload 
 H. B. No. 166Creates FY 2020-2021 operating budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 189Revise laws governing amusement ride operation and safetyDownload 
 Senate Bills 
 S. B. No. 5Change penalties for promoting prostitutionDownload 
 S. B. No. 7Regards temporary occupational licensing for militaryDownload 
 S. B. No. 23Prohibit abortion if detectable heartbeatDownload 
 S. B. No. 24Establish Alzheimer's Disease and Dementias Task ForceDownload 
 S. B. No. 26Permit income tax deduction for certain teacher expensesDownload 
 S. B. No. 30Create the Women's Suffrage Centennial CommissionDownload 
 S. B. No. 52Improve information integrity and securityDownload 
 S. B. No. 57Decriminalize hemp and license hemp cultivationDownload 
 S. B. No. 77Designate Women Veterans' DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 107File certain campaign finance statements electronicallyDownload 
 S. B. No. 171Enacts a 17-day interim budgetDownload 
 S. B. No. 172Enacts a one-month Workers' Compensation interim budgetDownload