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 House Bills 
 H. B. No. 2Addresses community school sponsors and managersDownload 
 H. B. No. 3Addresses filing fees and website accessDownload 
 H. B. No. 4Authorizes furnishing naloxoneDownload 
 H. B. No. 5Prepare case studies of public offices / share equipmentDownload 
 H. B. No. 6Extends limitation period for certain sex crimesDownload 
 H. B. No. 7Addresses school testingDownload 
 H. B. No. 9Review tax deductions and credits periodicallyDownload 
 H. B. No. 11Creates domestic relations court in Delaware CountyDownload 
 H. B. No. 17Grants immunity for volunteer services in emergenciesDownload 
 H. B. No. 18Prohibits zoning from restricting flag displayDownload 
 H. B. No. 19Incorporates Internal Revenue Code changesDownload 
 H. B. No. 28Requires suicide prevention programs at state collegesDownload 
 H. B. No. 29Designates Antitrypsin Deficiency Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 37Allows open containers at certain marketsDownload 
 H. B. No. 39Permits schools to have asthmatic inhalersDownload 
 H. B. No. 47Allows open containers in outdoor refreshment areasDownload 
 H. B. No. 50Revises foster care and guardianship lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 51Creates Industrial Commission Budget for FY2016 and FY2017Download 
 H. B. No. 52Creates Workers' Compensation Budget for FY2016 and FY2017Download 
 H. B. No. 53Creates Transportation Budget for FY2016 and FY2017Download 
 H. B. No. 56Limits criminal records use in public employment hiringDownload 
 H. B. No. 60Revises companion animal abuse lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 62Designates an awareness weekDownload 
 H. B. No. 64Download 
 H. B. No. 70Allows school districts to establish community learning centersDownload 
 H. B. No. 71Prohibit indemnity provision - motor vehicle transport contractDownload 
 H. B. No. 89Creates Medicaid school programDownload 
 H. B. No. 93Issues breast cancer awareness license plates for motorcyclesDownload 
 H. B. No. 98Designates an awareness dayDownload 
 H. B. No. 110Increases penalty if fail to stop after accidentDownload 
 H. B. No. 113Requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to graduate from high schoolDownload 
 H. B. No. 116Permits partial prescription refillsDownload 
 H. B. No. 121Creates an awareness weekDownload 
 H. B. No. 123Changes requirements for alibi defenses and criminal sentencingDownload 
 H. B. No. 124Authorizes certain prescriptions for patient's sexual partnerDownload 
 H. B. No. 131Revises Animal Diseases Law and other agricultural lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 141Renames the Ohio Historical SocietyDownload 
 H. B. No. 142Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 H. B. No. 151Expands crimes of menacing and telecommunications harassmentDownload 
 H. B. No. 153Changes data of presidential primaryDownload 
 H. B. No. 154Revises certain rules of the roadDownload 
 H. B. No. 155Creates disability expense savings accountsDownload 
 H. B. No. 158Replaces references to "mentally retarded person"Download 
 H. B. No. 164Authorizes sealing of an offense if later made sealableDownload 
 H. B. No. 166Revises local taxes and financeDownload 
 H. B. No. 167Adjusts terms of LSC membersDownload 
 H. B. No. 171Reduces heroin amounts for enhanced penaltiesDownload 
 H. B. No. 173Permits issuance of Ohio veterans identification cardsDownload 
 H. B. No. 178Allows Ohio wine sales at farmers marketsDownload 
 H. B. No. 180Prohibits residence requirements in public improvement contractsDownload 
 H. B. No. 182Revises joint economic development districts / enterprise zonesDownload 
 H. B. No. 185Excludes abandoned property owner's consent as element of arsonDownload 
 H. B. No. 187Permits emergency responders to stabilize injured animalsDownload 
 H. B. No. 188Revises pharmacist consult agreements / dispensing drugs no RxDownload 
 H. B. No. 200Revises emergency epinephrine autoinjector procurement and use Download 
 H. B. No. 207Revises payment of subrogated workers' compensation claimsDownload 
 H. B. No. 216Revises the law governing advanced practice registered nursesDownload 
 H. B. No. 219Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 H. B. No. 229Enacts Family Trust Company ActDownload 
 H. B. No. 230Addresses chemical dependency counseling and prevention servicesDownload 
 H. B. No. 233Authorizes downtown redevelopment and innovation districtsDownload 
 H. B. No. 236Revises continuing education for engineers and surveyorsDownload 
 H. B. No. 237Regulates transportation network companies and servicesDownload 
 H. B. No. 238Authorizes the conveyance of state-owned real propertyDownload 
 H. B. No. 240Revises the law regulating coronersDownload 
 H. B. No. 242Designates a recognition dayDownload 
 H. B. No. 243Revises architect and landscape architect continuing educationDownload 
 H. B. No. 244Designates a recognition dayDownload 
 H. B. No. 259Regulates certificates of insuranceDownload 
 H. B. No. 260Designates an awareness weekDownload 
 H. B. No. 276Revises the scope of practice for chiropractorsDownload 
 H. B. No. 277Allows 911 levy in only the portion served by the 911 systemDownload 
 H. B. No. 285Allows multiple simultaneous refills of certain prescriptionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 290Allows terminally ill patients to take unapproved drugsDownload 
 H. B. No. 294Prevents the use of public funds for elective abortionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 299Permits a child's custodian to apply for an Autism ScholarshipDownload 
 H. B. No. 300Modifies the law governing driver's license suspensionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 303Creates the D.O.L.L.A.R. Deed ProgramDownload 
 H. B. No. 305Includes University of Akron nonteaching employees in PERSDownload 
 H. B. No. 317Allows parent or guardian to freeze protected consumer's creditDownload 
 H. B. No. 340Extends the existence of the Local Government Innovation CouncilDownload 
 H. B. No. 341Amends the towing lawDownload 
 H. B. No. 342Creates the Ohio Farm Winery PermitDownload 
 H. B. No. 347Modifies civil and criminal asset forfeituresDownload 
 H. B. No. 351Modifies A-3a liquor permit conditionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 352Designates a recognition monthDownload 
 H. B. No. 359Creates an address confidentiality program for crime victimsDownload 
 H. B. No. 378Permits township police arrest on interstatesDownload 
 H. B. No. 384Makes state universities subject to performance auditsDownload 
 H. B. No. 387Raises monetary jurisdiction of small claims courtsDownload 
 H. B. No. 388Modifies penalties for drunk drivingDownload 
 H. B. No. 390Exempts sales of natural gas from sales taxDownload 
 H. B. No. 391Creates SmartOhio Financial Literacy Pilot ProgramDownload 
 H. B. No. 410Addresses habitual and chronic truancyDownload 
 H. B. No. 413Revises township lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 429Expands Workforce Training Vouchers to include automotive techniciansDownload 
 H. B. No. 431Designates an awareness dayDownload 
 H. B. No. 432Revises the law governing decedents' estatesDownload 
 H. B. No. 434Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 H. B. No. 436Allows court to end vehicle immobilization in certain OVI casesDownload 
 H. B. No. 438Designates an appreciation weekDownload 
 H. B. No. 440Designates a commemorative holidayDownload 
 H. B. No. 444Permits free liquor tasting samples for certain customersDownload 
 H. B. No. 451Prohibits certain persons from making life support decisionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 455Establishes boarding school zone special speed limitDownload 
 H. B. No. 463Revises foreclosure lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 466Exempts digital advertising services from sales taxDownload 
 H. B. No. 470Requires licensing of palliative care facilitiesDownload 
 H. B. No. 471Repeals obsolete boards and commissionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 476Prohibits agencies from contracting with anti-Israel companiesDownload 
 H. B. No. 483Modifies developmental disabilities programsDownload 
 H. B. No. 493Revises child abuse and neglect reporting lawDownload 
 H. B. No. 505Regulates biological product drugsDownload 
 H. B. No. 512Addresses copper and lead water contaminationDownload 
 H. B. No. 520Revises the law governing state public retirement systemsDownload 
 H. B. No. 523Authorizes the use of marijuana for medical purposesDownload 
 H. B. No. 532Modifies the law governing real estate brokers and salespersonsDownload 
 H. B. No. 554Addresses renewable energy and energy efficiencyDownload 
 H. B. No. 580Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 Senate Bills 
 S. B. No. 1Addresses agricultural regulations and application of fertilizerDownload 
 S. B. No. 2Incorporates Internal Revenue Code changes into Ohio lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 3Limits testing time and provides other exemptions for schools Download 
 S. B. No. 7Prohibits sale of pure caffeine productsDownload 
 S. B. No. 10Requires review for military health benefits eligibilityDownload 
 S. B. No. 11Creates Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents FundDownload 
 S. B. No. 27Extends workers' compensation to firefighters with cancerDownload 
 S. B. No. 30Creates the Ohio Family Stability CommissionDownload 
 S. B. No. 38Improves transparency in contracts with attorneysDownload 
 S. B. No. 60Designates commemorative highwayDownload 
 S. B. No. 61Limits who can receive copy of death certificate with SSNDownload 
 S. B. No. 63Creates online voter registration systemDownload 
 S. B. No. 75Addresses agritourismDownload 
 S. B. No. 97Addresses firearm penalties and various criminal sentencingDownload 
 S. B. No. 110Addresses nurse authorizations and billing for pathology serviceDownload 
 S. B. No. 117Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 121Requires students to be immunized against meningococcal diseaseDownload 
 S. B. No. 123Allows emergency personnel to report certain traffic violationsDownload 
 S. B. No. 124Designates an awareness day and monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 127Prohibits abortion when gestational age is 20 weeks or moreDownload 
 S. B. No. 128Designates an awareness dayDownload 
 S. B. No. 129Addresses health insurers prior authorization requirementsDownload 
 S. B. No. 133Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 139Addresses postconviction reliefDownload 
 S. B. No. 159Creates a special license plateDownload 
 S. B. No. 161Authorizes probate judges to issue search warrantsDownload 
 S. B. No. 171Enacts Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery ActDownload 
 S. B. No. 172Exempts investment bullion and coins from sales taxDownload 
 S. B. No. 181Revises limited liability company lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 182Designates memorial highwaysDownload 
 S. B. No. 188Designates awareness monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 190Designates memorial highwayDownload 
 S. B. No. 199Permits active duty armed forces to conceal carryDownload 
 S. B. No. 204Addresses suspension of driver's license for drug offenseDownload 
 S. B. No. 207Designates memorial highwayDownload 
 S. B. No. 208Revises tax lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 213Revises the cosmetology lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 215Authorizes forcible entry into motor vehicle to rescueDownload 
 S. B. No. 220Authorizes offering of Roth-type deferred compensation plansDownload 
 S. B. No. 223Defines benefits and exclusions for guaranty associationsDownload 
 S. B. No. 225Designates an awareness dayDownload 
 S. B. No. 227Changes duties and functions of Attorney GeneralDownload 
 S. B. No. 232Changes the law governing transfer on death instrumentsDownload 
 S. B. No. 235Exempts pre-construction activities from property taxationDownload 
 S. B. No. 239Designates a commemorative dayDownload 
 S. B. No. 242Revises the law governing new motor vehicle franchise agreementsDownload 
 S. B. No. 252Requires schools to prevent sudden cardiac arrestDownload 
 S. B. No. 257Presumes recorded real estate instruments validDownload 
 S. B. No. 260Makes capital reappropriationsDownload 
 S. B. No. 264Declares a sales tax holiday for back to school shoppingDownload 
 S. B. No. 273Enacts the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure ActDownload 
 S. B. No. 291Designates an awareness monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 293Revises natural resources lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 296Regulate keeping polls open after closing timeDownload 
 S. B. No. 310Makes capital appropriationsDownload 
 S. B. No. 311Provides for an influenza vaccine information sheetDownload 
 S. B. No. 315Makes supplemental transportation appropriationsDownload 
 S. B. No. 319Revises laws relating to drugsDownload 
 S. B. No. 321Creates alternative remedy for public records denialsDownload 
 S. B. No. 329Revise sunset review lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 331Regulate dog sales and license pet storesDownload 
 S. B. No. 332Implement infant mortality recommendationsDownload 
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