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House Bills
Addresses community school sponsors and managers
Addresses filing fees and website access
Authorizes furnishing naloxone
Prepare case studies of public offices/share equipment
Extends limitation period for certain sex crimes
Addresses school testing
Review tax deductions and credits periodically
Creates domestic relations court in Delaware County
Grants immunity for volunteer services in emergencies
Prohibits zoning from restricting flag display
Incorporates Internal Revenue Code changes
Requires suicide prevention programs at state colleges
Designates Antitrypsin Deficiency Awareness Month
Allows open containers at certain markets
Permits schools to have asthmatic inhalers
Allows open containers in outdoor refreshment areas
Revises foster care and guardianship laws
Creates Industrial Commission Budget for FY2016 and FY2017
Creates Workers' Compensation Budget for FY2016 and FY2017
Creates Transportation Budget for FY2016 and FY2017
Limits criminal records use in public employment hiring
Revises companion animal abuse laws
Designates an awareness week
Creates Main Operating Budget for FY2016 and FY2017
Allows school districts to establish community learning centers
Prohibit indemnity provision - motor vehicle transport contract
Creates Medicaid school program
Issues breast cancer awareness license plates for motorcycles
Designates an awareness day
Increases penalty if fail to stop after accident
Requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to graduate from high school
Permits partial prescription refills
Creates an awareness week
Changes requirements for alibi defenses and criminal sentencing
Authorizes certain prescriptions for patient's sexual partner
Revises Animal Diseases Law and other agricultural laws
Renames the Ohio Historical Society
Designates an awareness month
Expands crimes of menacing and telecommunications harassment
Changes data of presidential primary
Revises certain rules of the road
Creates disability expense savings accounts
Replaces references to "mentally retarded person"
Authorizes sealing of an offense if later made sealable
Revises local taxes and finance
Adjusts terms of LSC members
Reduces heroin amounts for enhanced penalties
Permits issuance of Ohio veterans identification cards
Allows Ohio wine sales at farmers markets
Prohibits residence requirements in public improvement contracts
Revises joint economic development districts/enterprise zones
Excludes abandoned property owner's consent as element of arson
Permits emergency responders to stabilize injured animals
Revises pharmacist consult agreements/dispensing drugs no Rx
Revises emergency epinephrine autoinjector procurement and use
Revises payment of subrogated workers' compensation claims
Revises the law governing advanced practice registered nurses
Designates an awareness month
Enacts Family Trust Company Act
Addresses chemical dependency counseling and prevention services
Authorizes downtown redevelopment and innovation districts
Revises continuing education for engineers and surveyors
Regulates transportation network companies and services
Authorizes the conveyance of state-owned real property
Revises the law regulating coroners
Designates a recognition day
Revises architect and landscape architect continuing education
Designates a recognition day
Regulates certificates of insurance
Designates an awareness week
Revises the scope of practice for chiropractors
Allows 911 levy in only the portion served by the 911 system
Allows multiple simultaneous refills of certain prescriptions
Allows terminally ill patients to take unapproved drugs
Prevents the use of public funds for elective abortions
Permits a child's custodian to apply for an Autism Scholarship
Modifies the law governing driver's license suspensions
Creates the D.O.L.L.A.R. Deed Program
Includes University of Akron nonteaching employees in PERS
Allows parent or guardian to freeze protected consumer's credit
Extends the existence of the Local Government Innovation Council
Amends the towing law
Creates the Ohio Farm Winery Permit
Modifies civil and criminal asset forfeitures
Modifies A-3a liquor permit conditions
Designates a recognition month
Creates an address confidentiality program for crime victims
Permits township police arrest on interstates
Makes state universities subject to performance audits
Raises monetary jurisdiction of small claims courts
Modifies penalties for drunk driving
Exempts sales of natural gas from sales tax
Creates SmartOhio Financial Literacy Pilot Program
Addresses habitual and chronic truancy
Revises township laws
Expands Workforce Training Vouchers to include automotive technicians
Designates an awareness day
Revises the law governing decedents' estates
Designates an awareness month
Allows court to end vehicle immobilization in certain OVI cases
Designates an appreciation week
Designates a commemorative holiday
Permits free liquor tasting samples for certain customers
Prohibits certain persons from making life support decisions
Establishes boarding school zone special speed limit
Revises foreclosure laws
Exempts digital advertising services from sales tax
Requires licensing of palliative care facilities
Repeals obsolete boards and commissions
Prohibits agencies from contracting with anti-Israel companies
Modifies developmental disabilities programs
Revises child abuse and neglect reporting law
Regulates biological product drugs
Addresses copper and lead water contamination
Revises the law governing state public retirement systems
Authorizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes
Modifies the law governing real estate brokers and salespersons
Addresses renewable energy and energy efficiency
Designates an awareness month
Senate Bills
Addresses agricultural regulations and application of fertilizer
Incorporates Internal Revenue Code changes into Ohio law
Limits testing time and provides other exemptions for schools
Prohibits sale of pure caffeine products
Requires review for military health benefits eligibility
Creates Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents Fund
Extends workers' compensation to firefighters with cancer
Creates the Ohio Family Stability Commission
Improves transparency in contracts with attorneys
Designates commemorative highway
Limits who can receive copy of death certificate with SSN
Creates online voter registration system
Addresses agritourism
Addresses firearm penalties and various criminal sentencing
Addresses nurse authorizations and billing for pathology service
Designates an awareness month
Requires students to be immunized against meningococcal disease
Allows emergency personnel to report certain traffic violations
Designates an awareness day and month
Prohibits abortion when gestational age is 20 weeks or more
Designates an awareness day
Addresses health insurers prior authorization requirements
Designates an awareness month
Addresses postconviction relief
Creates a special license plate
Authorizes probate judges to issue search warrants
Enacts Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
Exempts investment bullion and coins from sales tax
Revises limited liability company law
Designates memorial highways
Designates awareness month
Designates memorial highway
Permits active duty armed forces to conceal carry
Addresses suspension of driver's license for drug offense
Designates memorial highway
Revises tax law
Revises the cosmetology law
Authorizes forcible entry into motor vehicle to rescue
Authorizes offering of Roth-type deferred compensation plans
Defines benefits and exclusions for guaranty associations
Designates an awareness day
Changes duties and functions of Attorney General
Changes the law governing transfer on death instruments
Exempts pre-construction activities from property taxation
Designates a commemorative day
Revises the law governing new motor vehicle franchise agreements
Requires schools to prevent sudden cardiac arrest
Presumes recorded real estate instruments valid
Makes capital reappropriations
Declares a sales tax holiday for back to school shopping
Enacts the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act
Designates an awareness month
Revises natural resources law
Regulate keeping polls open after closing time
Makes capital appropriations
Provides for an influenza vaccine information sheet
Makes supplemental transportation appropriations
Revises laws relating to drugs
Creates alternative remedy for public records denials
Revise sunset review law
Regulate dog sales and license pet stores
Implement infant mortality recommendations
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