House Bills 
 H. B. No. 1Authorize dating violence protection ordersDownload 
 H. B. No. 6Prohibit fees for correcting criminal record informationDownload 
 H. B. No. 7Address medical claims and provider immunitiesDownload 
 H. B. No. 8Prohibit disclosing injuries to minors in school vehiclesDownload 
 H. B. No. 9Limit scope of protocol for malfunctioning traffic signalsDownload 
 H. B. No. 11Incorporate Internal Revenue Code changesDownload 
 H. B. No. 18Eliminate certain elections to fill Congressional vacanciesDownload 
 H. B. No. 21Verify community school enrollmentsDownload 
 H. B. No. 24Modify veterans organization property tax exemptionDownload 
 H. B. No. 26Creates FY 2018-2019 transportation budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 27Creates FY 2018-2019 Workers' Compensation budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 28Creates FY 2018-2019 Industrial Commission budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 31Abolish Government Contracting Advisory CouncilDownload 
 H. B. No. 32Apply criminal penalties to casinos and affiliated casinosDownload 
 H. B. No. 34Deliver notices by ordinary mail or electronicallyDownload 
 H. B. No. 38Increase penalty for murder or assault of certain personsDownload 
 H. B. No. 41Modify voting proceduresDownload 
 H. B. No. 44Designate an appreciation dayDownload 
 H. B. No. 45Designate an awareness monthDownload 
 H. B. No. 49Creates FY 2018-2019 operating budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 52Regulate solicitation of certain deedsDownload 
 H. B. No. 58Require instruction in cursive handwritingDownload 
 H. B. No. 59Designate Moses Fleetwood Walker DayDownload 
 H. B. No. 63Add prison term if disfigure or incapacitate victimDownload 
 H. B. No. 66Require tenured faculty to teach minimum loadDownload 
 H. B. No. 69Reimburse medical service levy revenue forgone because of TIFDownload 
 H. B. No. 79Provide for firearms training for tactical medical professionalsDownload 
 H. B. No. 84Designate June as Ohio Goes Boating MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 87Address money returned to state from community school auditDownload 
 H. B. No. 92Require public indecency before minors offenders to registerDownload 
 H. B. No. 94Designate Teen Dating Violence Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 95Enhance penalty for moving violations while distractedDownload 
 H. B. No. 96Increase penalty for sexual impositionDownload 
 H. B. No. 98Address career information presentations to studentsDownload 
 H. B. No. 101Improve access to epinephrineDownload 
 H. B. No. 103Modify financial planning and supervision commission lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 111Authorize nurses to compel mental health evaluationsDownload 
 H. B. No. 115Create register of persons having a communication disabilityDownload 
 H. B. No. 118Prohibit dismissing tax complaint if fails to identify ownerDownload 
 H. B. No. 119Address Nutrition Assistance and Medicaid benefitsDownload 
 H. B. No. 122Study regional economic development alliancesDownload 
 H. B. No. 123Modify short-term, small, and mortgage loan lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 124Submit renewal tax levy to disenfranchised votersDownload 
 H. B. No. 131Modify physical therapy lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 132Regulate fantasy contestsDownload 
 H. B. No. 133Exempt out-of-state disaster relief persons from taxes and lawsDownload 
 H. B. No. 137Make municipal and county peace officers child abuse reportersDownload 
 H. B. No. 139Eliminate public records exemption if record 100 years oldDownload 
 H. B. No. 145Establish confidential program to treat impaired practitionersDownload 
 H. B. No. 156Address vision care insurance limitsDownload 
 H. B. No. 158Receive unemployment comp if quit to accompany military spouseDownload 
 H. B. No. 159Designate Drive Ohio Byways MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 165Designate Congenital Cytomegalovirus Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 168Modify cemetery lawDownload 
 H. B. No. 170Address computer science curriculumDownload 
 H. B. No. 174Add judges to Franklin County Domestic Relations DivisionDownload 
 H. B. No. 194Establish special license plates for military service and awardsDownload 
 H. B. No. 195Modify law regarding transport of people requiring mobility aidDownload 
 H. B. No. 196Designate Chiropractic Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 199Enact Ohio Residential Mortgage Lending ActDownload 
 H. B. No. 202Designate Veterans Suicide Awareness DayDownload 
 H. B. No. 213Change appraisers' law and regulate appraisal managementDownload 
 H. B. No. 214Prohibit abortion if unborn has or may have Down SyndromeDownload 
 H. B. No. 215Create Paulding County Municipal CourtDownload 
 H. B. No. 223Regards transfers of structured settlement payment rightsDownload 
 H. B. No. 225Regards plugging idle or orphaned wellsDownload 
 H. B. No. 228Regards self-defense and handling firearmsDownload 
 H. B. No. 229Designate Charles Follis DayDownload 
 H. B. No. 250Establish requirements for using electric bicyclesDownload 
 H. B. No. 251Increase maturity of bonds eligible for investing interim moneyDownload 
 H. B. No. 252Designate Blood Donor Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 254Require POW / MIA Flag to be displayed on certain daysDownload 
 H. B. No. 258Prohibit abortion if unborn has detectable heartbeatDownload 
 H. B. No. 263Allow dogs in restaurant outdoor dining areasDownload 
 H. B. No. 271Give notice before action for access; allow attorney's feesDownload 
 H. B. No. 286Identify need and provide support for palliative careDownload 
 H. B. No. 291Authorize insurance in lieu of bonds for local officers / employeesDownload 
 H. B. No. 292Modify residence test for income tax purposesDownload 
 H. B. No. 300Specify disabled person's state ID card does not expireDownload 
 H. B. No. 312Regards credit and debit card use by political subdivisionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 315Designate S.M.A.R.T. Parent DayDownload 
 H. B. No. 318Define qualifications and duties of school resource officersDownload 
 H. B. No. 329Modify law governing pyramid promotional schemesDownload 
 H. B. No. 332Regards anatomical gifts, transplants, and discriminationDownload 
 H. B. No. 336Create driver's license reinstatement fee amnesty initiativeDownload 
 H. B. No. 338Regards school bus driver medical examinationsDownload 
 H. B. No. 341Exempt personal information about judges from disclosureDownload 
 H. B. No. 347Designate Sonny L. Kim Memorial HighwayDownload 
 H. B. No. 353Exempt loop credit and reward cards from Unclaimed Funds LawDownload 
 H. B. No. 354Grant two courts concurrent authority to operate drug recoveryDownload 
 H. B. No. 362Revise State Highway Patrol Retirement System LawDownload 
 H. B. No. 366Change laws governing child supportDownload 
 H. B. No. 402Revise state regulation of telephone companiesDownload 
 H. B. No. 405Make counterfeiting a corrupt activity crimeDownload 
 H. B. No. 411Modify wrongful imprisonment lawDownload 
 H. B. No. 414Designate National Atomic Veterans DayDownload 
 H. B. No. 420Designate Ohio Adoption Awareness MonthDownload 
 H. B. No. 422Govern acquisitions of municipal waterworks and sewage systemsDownload 
 H. B. No. 425Declare police body camera recordings not to be public recordsDownload 
 H. B. No. 430Expand sales tax exemption for oil and gas production propertyDownload 
 H. B. No. 438Address composition of educational service centersDownload 
 H. B. No. 454Require township to reimburse owner of unused cemetery lotDownload 
 H. B. No. 464Recognize stroke centers and establish stroke protocolsDownload 
 H. B. No. 477Eliminate general and primary and secondary school provisionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 478Modify law regarding wireless serviceDownload 
 H. B. No. 480Establish requirements for multi-parcel auctionsDownload 
 H. B. No. 489Address financial institution regulation and consumer protectionDownload 
 H. B. No. 491Issue substitute license to pupil services personnelDownload 
 H. B. No. 494Clarify status of franchisees for social insurance programsDownload 
 H. B. No. 497Prohibit disseminating private sexual imagesDownload 
 H. B. No. 500Change township lawDownload 
 H. B. No. 502Train public school educators about youth suicideDownload 
 H. B. No. 506Revise law governing high volume dog breedersDownload 
 H. B. No. 511Change age at which can marryDownload 
 H. B. No. 522Allow outdoor refreshment area to include F permit holdersDownload 
 H. B. No. 529Makes capital appropriations and reappropriationsDownload 
 H. B. No. 531Fund and remove limit on sports events grantsDownload 
 H. B. No. 541Permit non-Ohio health providers to help at charity eventsDownload 
 H. B. No. 572Regards PERS service credit for nonteaching DD board employeesDownload 
 H. B. No. 595Revise law of wills, trusts, and suspicious deathsDownload 
 Senate Bills 
 S. B. No. 1Revise drug lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 2Revise environmental protection lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 3Review workforce development lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 4Expand expungement and interventionDownload 
 S. B. No. 7Know of protection order if actual knowledgeDownload 
 S. B. No. 8Establish 1:1 School Facilities Option ProgramDownload 
 S. B. No. 9Provide sales tax holidayDownload 
 S. B. No. 20Add prison term if permanently disable victimDownload 
 S. B. No. 22Incorporate Internal Revenue Code changesDownload 
 S. B. No. 23Designate an awareness dayDownload 
 S. B. No. 24Enact Consumer Installment Loan ActDownload 
 S. B. No. 25Create new municipal courtDownload 
 S. B. No. 27Designate a commemorative monthDownload 
 S. B. No. 33Disclose law enforcement data to defendantDownload 
 S. B. No. 37Develop and conduct training for new police chiefsDownload 
 S. B. No. 51Facilitate Lake Erie shoreline improvementDownload 
 S. B. No. 57Designate Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Awareness DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 62Designate Harrison Dillard DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 66Modify criminal sentencing and corrections lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 70Amend child support lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 71Allow director of ADAMHS board to execute contractsDownload 
 S. B. No. 81Revise licensing rules for military personnel concealed carryDownload 
 S. B. No. 86Designate Ohio National Missing Children's DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 119Address opioid prescribing and addiction treatmentDownload 
 S. B. No. 127Require actions when driver approaches waste collection vehicleDownload 
 S. B. No. 134Lt Col Thomas P. Belkofer Memorial HighwayDownload 
 S. B. No. 135Implement voting machine acquisition programDownload 
 S. B. No. 139Adopt Uniform Electronic Legal Material ActDownload 
 S. B. No. 143Designate International Ataxia Awareness DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 144Establish Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities CouncilDownload 
 S. B. No. 145Criminalize and create civil action for dismemberment abortionDownload 
 S. B. No. 158Combat elder fraud and exploitation; require restitution forDownload 
 S. B. No. 163Modify qualifications for investing county inactive moneysDownload 
 S. B. No. 169Oversee sale of travel insuranceDownload 
 S. B. No. 170Waive commercial driver test for military and veteransDownload 
 S. B. No. 201Enact Reagan Tokes Law-indefinite prison termsDownload 
 S. B. No. 214Prohibit female genital mutilationDownload 
 S. B. No. 216Enact Public School Deregulation Act-primary / secondary ed-testingDownload 
 S. B. No. 220Provide legal safe harbor if implement cybersecurity programDownload 
 S. B. No. 221Reform agency rule-making and legislative review of rulesDownload 
 S. B. No. 223Prohibit installing unsafe used tiresDownload 
 S. B. No. 226Make sales tax holiday for clothes and school supplies permanentDownload 
 S. B. No. 229Modify Board of Pharmacy and controlled substances lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 231Create violent offender database and address offender releasesDownload 
 S. B. No. 239Modifies regional councils of government lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 255Reform occupational licensingDownload 
 S. B. No. 257Changes to hunting and fishing lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 259Revise physician assistant practice lawsDownload 
 S. B. No. 263Enact Notary Public Modernization ActDownload 
 S. B. No. 265Permit health insurers to cover pharmacist-provided benefitsDownload 
 S. B. No. 273Define "rating agency"Download 
 S. B. No. 296Provide health benefits to survivors of safety officersDownload 
 S. B. No. 299Finance projects for protection of Lake Erie and its basinDownload 
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