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House Bill 384

General Assembly: 131

Short Title: Makes state universities subject to performance audits   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 117.46, 117.461, 117.462, 117.463, 117.47, 117.471, 117.472, 122.076, 149.431, 3333.93, 3345.202, 5709.084, 5717.04, 5726.01, 5727.111, and 5739.02; to enact sections 117.464, 117.465, 3333.172, and 3345.203 of the Revised Code; to amend Section 369.453 of Am. Sub. H.B. 64 of the 131st General Assembly; to amend Section 369.10 of Am. Sub. H.B. 64 of the 131st General Assembly, as subsequently amended; to amend Sections 273.10, 273.30, and 287.10 of Am. Sub. S.B. 260 of the 131st General Assembly, as subsequently amended; to amend Sections 207.60, 223.10, and 233.10 of S.B. 310 of the 131st General Assembly; and to amend Sections 221.10 and 239.10 of S.B. 310 of the 131st General Assembly, as subsequently amended, to specify that state institutions of higher education may be subject to performance audits conducted by the Auditor of State, to make changes to the operation of state programs, to modify the state tax laws, and to make capital and operating appropriations.

Primary Sponsor: Representative Schaffer, Representative Duffey

Version: As Enrolled

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Co-Sponsors Rep. Blessing, Rep. Boose, Rep. Vitale, Rep. Brown, Rep. Buchy, Rep. Butler, Rep. Pelanda, Rep. Smith, Rep. Amstutz, Rep. Anielski, Rep. Antani, Rep. Antonio, Rep. Arndt, Rep. Baker, Rep. Boyce, Rep. Brenner, Rep. Burkley, Rep. Conditt, Rep. Craig, Rep. Cupp, Rep. Dever, Rep. Dovilla, Rep. Hagan, Rep. Hall, Rep. Hambley, Rep. Koehler, Rep. LaTourette, Rep. Leland, Rep. McClain, Rep. O'Brien, Rep. O'Brien, Rep. Retherford, Rep. Rogers, Rep. Romanchuk, Rep. Ryan, Rep. Scherer, Rep. Sprague, Rep. Sweeney, Rep. Thompson, Sen. Bacon, Sen. Coley, Sen. Eklund, Sen. Faber, Sen. Hite, Sen. Hughes, Sen. Jones, Sen. Peterson, Sen. Sawyer, Sen. Seitz, Sen. Tavares, Sen. Thomas, Sen. Williams
Subjects Agriculture, Commerce : Insurance, Education : Higher Education, Employment : Workforce Development, Environment and Natural Resources, Environment and Natural Resources : Oil and Gas, Finance and Appropriations, Health and Human Services : Mental Health and Disabilities, Retirement, Taxation, Utilities
Committees Senate Finance, House Government Accountability and Oversight
Effective Date April 5, 2017
Effective: April 5, 2017; certain provisions effective January 4, 2017; contains item vetoes
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