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Implement infant mortality recommendations

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To amend sections 2101.16, 2151.3515, 2151.3516, 2151.3517, 2151.3518, 2151.3519, 2151.3521, 2151.3523, 2151.3525, 2151.3526, 2151.3527, 2151.3529, 2151.3530, 3701.132, 3701.142, 3701.61, 3701.63, 3701.66, 3701.67, 3701.68, 3701.84, 3701.928, 3713.01, 3713.02, 3713.99, 4729.01, 5162.01, 5162.13, 5163.01, 5163.10, 5163.101, and 5167.16; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as shown in parentheses, sections 2151.3516 (2151.3517), 2151.3517 (2151.3518), 2151.3518 (2151.3519), 2151.3519 (2151.3521), 2151.3520 (2151.3522), 2151.3521 (2151.3523), 2151.3522 (2151.3524), 2151.3523 (2151.3525), 2151.3524 (2151.3526), 2151.3525 (2151.3528), 2151.3526 (2151.3529), 2151.3527 (2151.3530), 2151.3528 (2151.3531), 2151.3529 (2151.3534), 2151.3530 (2151.3535); to enact new section 2151.3516 and sections 175.14, 175.15, 191.09, 191.10, 2151.3532, 3701.611, 3701.612, 3701.613, 3701.671, 3701.90, 3701.951, 3701.952, 3701.953, 3701.97, 3702.34, 3705.40, 3705.41, 3713.021, 3713.022, 3727.20, 4729.45, 4731.057, 4743.08, 5162.135, 5162.136, 5164.471, 5164.721, 5167.171, 5167.172, 5167.173, and 5167.45 of the Revised Code to provide for the implementation of recommendations made by the Commission on Infant Mortality, to authorize pharmacists to administer by injection certain prescribed drugs, and to make changes to the law permitting controlled desertion of a child not older than thirty days.

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April 6, 2017

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