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Permits certain intrastate equity crowdfunding

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To amend sections 145.114, 742.114, 1707.01, 1707.03, 1707.04, 1707.042, 1707.10, 1707.13, 1707.161, 1707.17, 1707.19, 1707.20, 1707.21, 1707.23, 1707.24, 1707.25, 1707.26, 1707.261, 1707.27, 1707.28, 1707.29, 1707.30, 1707.31, 1707.32, 1707.34, 1707.35, 1707.38, 1707.39, 1707.391, 1707.40, 1707.431, 1707.44, 1707.99, 1724.02, 3307.152, 3309.157, 4582.06, 4582.31, and 5505.068 and to enact sections 1707.05, 1707.051, 1707.052, 1707.053, 1707.054, 1707.055, 1707.056, 1707.057, 1707.058, and 1707.50 of the Revised Code and to amend Section 259.50 of H.B. 166 of the 133rd General Assembly to permit intrastate equity crowdfunding under certain circumstances and to make an appropriation.

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Effective Date

March 31, 2021
Appropriations effective 12/29/20

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Primary Sponsors

Jena Powell


Louis W. Blessing, III
Andrew O. Brenner
Hearcel F. Craig
Matt Dolan
Theresa Gavarone
Bob D. Hackett
Stephen A. Huffman
Terry Johnson
Stephanie Kunze
Nathan H. Manning
Vernon Sykes
Steve Wilson
Juanita O. Brent
Brett Hudson Hillyer
Adam Holmes
James M. Hoops
Kris Jordan
Gayle Manning
Riordan T. McClain
Derek Merrin
Scott Oelslager
Thomas F. Patton
Tracy M. Richardson
Bill Roemer
C. Allison Russo
Bill Seitz
Jason Stephens
D. J. Swearingen
Terrence Upchurch
Casey Weinstein

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