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Change probate and trust laws/referrals to retired judges

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To amend sections 339.02, 1721.21, 1901.123, 1907.143, 2106.13, 2108.05, 2108.06, 2108.07, 2108.23, 2108.24, 2108.34, 2111.10, 2111.50, 2133.07, 2701.10, 2717.01, 2945.37, 2945.371, 2945.38, 5122.02, 5122.03, 5122.11, 5122.111, 5122.15, 5804.11, 5805.06, 5816.02, 5816.05, 5816.06, 5816.09, 5816.10, and 5816.14; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 2717.01 (2717.02); to enact new section 2717.01 and sections 2717.03, 2717.04, 2717.05, 2717.06, 2717.07, 2717.08, 2717.09, 2717.10, 2717.11, 2717.13, 2717.14, 2717.16, 2717.18, 2717.19, and 5122.112; and to repeal section 2133.16 of the Revised Code to expand a guardian's authority to create estate plans for their wards, to clarify a surviving spouse's allowance for support upon the spouse's selection of an automobile, to make changes in the Ohio Trust Code and the Ohio Legacy Trust Act, to make changes in the law pertaining to the referral of actions to a retired judge, to make changes to the law regarding cemetery endowment care trusts, to permit a nonprofit corporation to serve as guardian of the person of an incompetent, to eliminate a donor's ability to make an anatomical gift through a will or a declaration or living will, to clarify the membership of the appointing authority for boards of county hospital trustees, to make changes to the requirements for competency evaluations and mental health treatment in criminal cases, and to make changes to the laws dealing with reimbursement of municipal and county court judges, procedures in involuntary mental health placements, and change of name procedures.

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