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Regards radiation control and radiation technology professionals

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To amend sections 3748.04, 3902.30, 4715.70, 4715.71, 4715.72, 4723.94, 4729.01, 4732.33, 4760.08, 4760.09, 4761.17, 4773.01, 4773.061, 5101.26, 5101.27, and 5164.95; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 4731.2910 (4743.09); and to enact sections 3301.531, 3701.1310, 3721.60, 4715.73, 4730.60, 4731.741, 4753.20, 4755.90, 4757.50, 4758.80, 4759.20, 4773.10, 5104.037, and 5119.368 of the Revised Code to revise the laws governing the Ohio Department of Health's Radiation Control Program, the regulation of radiation technology professionals, and the practice of anesthesiologist assistants; to establish and modify requirements regarding the provision of telehealth services; to require the screening of child care and preschool employees for tuberculosis; to require the disclosure of information about certain public assistance recipients to public health authorities; and to exempt certain entities from the notice requirements that apply to mobile dental facilities.

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