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House Bill 69

General Assembly: 131

Short Title: Prohibits abortion if detectable heartbeat   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 2317.56, 2919.171, 2919.19, 2919.191, 2919.192, 2919.193, and 4731.22; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 2919.191 (2919.192), 2919.192 (2919.194), and 2919.193 (2919.198); and to enact new sections 2919.191 and 2919.193 and sections 2919.195, 2919.196, 2919.197, 2919.199, 2919.1910, and 2919.1911 of the Revised Code to generally prohibit an abortion of an unborn human individual with a detectable heartbeat and to create the Joint Legislative Committee on Adoption Promotion and Support.

Primary Sponsor: Representative Hagan, Representative Hood

Version: As Passed by the House

Legislation Text : View Current Version

House Committees
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Community and Family AdvancementMarch 3, 20151st HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Representative C. HaganProponentDownload
Representative C. HaganProponentDownload
Representative HoodProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Community and Family AdvancementMarch 10, 20152nd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Gary WhitlaProponentDownload
Karen RaineyAmerican Association of University Women of OhioOpponentDownload
Nancy PittsWomen Have Options OpponentDownload
Danielle SmithNational Association of Social WorkersOpponentDownload
The Hon. Marian Harris The National Council of Jewish WomenOpponentDownload
Anne SmeadLeague of Women VotersOpponentDownload
Pastor Rodney LordProponentDownload
Lauran BuntingProponentDownload
Pastor Arnold M. CulbreathBreath of Life FoundationProponentDownload
Reverend Katherine MarpleProponentDownload
Pastor F. Allan DebelakOpponentDownload
Tamara MannOpponentDownload
Rev. Laura J. YoungOhio Religious Coalition for Reproductive ChoiceOpponentDownload
Gabriel MannNARAL Pro-Choice OhioOpponentDownload
Douglas BergerSecular Coalition for OhioOpponentDownload
Mary RathkeProponentDownload
Leyandria MurrayProponentDownload
Rebecca KiesslingSave The 1; Hope After Rape Conception ProponentDownload
Lori ViarsWarren County Right to LifeProponentDownload
John PyleProponentDownload
Gary DanielsACLUOpponentDownload
Pastor JC ChurchProponentDownload
Dr. Carmen Doty-ArmstrongProponentDownload
Dr. Dennis M. DoodyProponentDownload
Bobbi RadeckConcerned Women for America ProponentDownload
David LawProponentDownload
Christina McDuffieSecular Coalition for OhioOpponentDownload
Eric NordmanProponentDownload
Naomi CoyProponentDownload
Dr. SlonkoskyProponentDownload
Dylan R. HarringtonCreated EqualProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Community and Family AdvancementMarch 17, 20153rd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Dr. Margarita Maria LassalettaProponentDownload
Matt Chandler The Village Church ProponentDownload
Dr. Thomas WillkeProponentDownload
Rachelle HeidlebaughProponentDownload
Corey Shankleton ProponentDownload
David ForteProponentDownload
Julie BusbyProponentDownload
Janet (Folger) PorterFaith2ActionProponentDownload
Pastor Walter MossProponentDownload
Travon CliftonProponentDownload
Rev. Lance CurtisProponentDownload
Gretchen DoerflerProponentDownload
Paula WestwoodRight to Life of Greater CincinnatiProponentDownload
Dr. Laura David and Dr. Wayne Trout The American Congress of Obstetricians and GynecologistOpponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Community and Family AdvancementMarch 24, 20154th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Linda TheisOhio ProLife Action, Inc.ProponentDownload
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