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House Bill 258

General Assembly: 132

Short Title: Prohibit abortion if unborn has detectable heartbeat   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 2317.56, 2919.171, 2919.19, 2919.191, 2919.192, 2919.193, and 4731.22; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 2919.191 (2919.192), 2919.192 (2919.194), and 2919.193 (2919.198); and to enact new sections 2919.191 and 2919.193 and sections 2919.195, 2919.196, 2919.197, 2919.199, 2919.1910, and 2919.1911 of the Revised Code to generally prohibit an abortion of an unborn human individual with a detectable heartbeat and to create the Joint Legislative Committee on Adoption Promotion and Support.

Primary Sponsor: Representative Hagan, Representative Hood

Version: As Enrolled

Legislation Text : View Current Version

House Committees
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
HealthNovember 1, 20171st HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Christina Hagan House of Representatives ProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
HealthNovember 29, 20172nd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Barry SheetsRight to Life Action Coalition of OhioProponentDownload
Lori ViarsWarren County Right to LifeProponentDownload
Katherine Marple ProponentDownload
Julie BusbyProponentDownload
Pastor Rodney Lord Proponent ProponentDownload
Katelyn Neil ProponentDownload
Josh BrownCitizens for Community Values ProponentDownload
David E Forte ProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
HealthDecember 6, 20173rd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Tamara Mann TweelOpponentDownload
Stephanie Craddock SherwoodWomen Have OptionsOpponentDownload
Parvaneh K Nouri Student OpponentDownload
Marion HarrisNational Council of Jewish Women OpponentDownload
Kelly HeltonTri-State Freethinkers OpponentDownload
Katherine Schuette Opponent OpponentDownload
Jaime Miracle NARAL Pro Choice OhioOpponentDownload
Gary DanielsACLU OpponentDownload
Cathy LevyOhio Religious Coalition for Reproductive RightsOpponentDownload
Becky PerkinsOhio Alliance to End Sexual Violence OpponentDownload
Iris E. Harvey Planned ParenthoodOpponentDownload
Jessie HillCase Western Reserve University OpponentDownload
Dr. Margaret Stager MetrohealthOpponentDownload
Dr. Anita Somani Physician OpponentDownload
Dr. Catherine Romanos Physician OpponentDownload
Catholics for Choice Catholics for Choice OpponentDownload
Center for Reproductive Rights Center for Reproductive Rights OpponentDownload
Alana Belle New Voices ClevelandOpponentDownload
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists OpponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
HealthDecember 13, 20174th HearingDownload
Senate Committees
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Health, Human Services and MedicaidDecember 4, 20181st HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Representative Christina Hagan The Ohio House of RepresentativesProponentDownload
Representative Ron HoodThe Ohio House of RepresentativesProponentDownload
Dr. David F. ForteCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Rodney E. LordMid Ohio Valley Pastors Group / Freedom Gate ChurchProponentDownload
Milka NierCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Dennis M. Doody, M.D.Citizen of OhioProponentDownload
Diane CartolanoCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Rev. Katherine MarpleKeepLifeLegalProponentDownload
Linda HarveyMission AmericaProponentDownload
Pastor Johnathon NewmanKoinos ChurchProponentDownload
Janet L. PorterFaith2ActonProponentDownload
Lori ViarsWarren County Right to LifeProponentDownload
Pastor Daniel KrogerCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Meg WittmanCincinnati Right to LifeProponentDownload
Rebecca KiesslingSave the OneProponentDownload
Aaron BaerCitizen for Community ValuesProponentDownload
Nathan and Emily BerningLet Them LiveProponentDownload
Katelyn NeilCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Health, Human Services and MedicaidDecember 5, 20182nd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Sara Hutchinson RatcliffeCatholics for ChoiceOpponentDownload
Jaime MiracleNARAL Pro-Choice OhioOpponentDownload
Marian Harris on behalf of Susan ReisNational Council of Jewish WomenOpponentDownload
Katie BurgessPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Annamarie BeckmeyerMedical Professionals of OhioOpponentDownload
Erin BishopMedical Students for ChoiceOpponentDownload
Kate ElliotPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Kylee GreggPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Beth PowderPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Bridgette TupesPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Emily HeidenPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Erin RyanThe Ohio Women's Public Policy Network OpponentDownload
Elaine SchleifferPreterm ClinicOpponentDownload
Dr. Erika BoothmanCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Gail SparksNew Voices for Reproductive JusticeOpponentDownload
Elaina RamseyOhio Religious Coalition for Reproductive ChoiceOpponentDownload
Kelley FreemanCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Stephanie Craddock SherwoodWoman Have Options/OhioOpponentDownload
Hannah ServedioNARAL Pro-Choice OhioOpponentDownload
Jennifer MankinCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Megan PCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Gary DanielsACLU of OhioOpponentDownload
Camille CraryOhio Alliance to End Sexual Violence OpponentDownload
Molly Rampe ThomasChoice NetworkOpponentDownload
Ashley UnderwoodCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Ellen SchleckmanCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Anita SomaniPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Jordyn CloseCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Renata ReuenthalCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Elisabeth Smith & Shivana JorawarCenter for Reproductive RightsOpponentDownload
Rabbi Jon AdlandPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Kathleen BrinkmanCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Yvonne CuringtonPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Nancy DollardPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Ashley DriskellPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Iris HarveyPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Jim HeltonAmerican Atheist OpponentDownload
Kelly HeltonAmerican Atheist OpponentDownload
Alexa HendersonMedical Students for ChoiceOpponentDownload
Peter HopmannMedical Students for ChoiceOpponentDownload
Juliana LaveyPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Kim MasonPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Juliana MadziaPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Ariel Reno-DemickMedical Students for ChoiceOpponentDownload
Donna ShimkoPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Meghan St JohnPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Christine Uebel-NiemeierPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Bridget WatsonPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Crystal WilmhoffPlanned Parenthood Advocates of OhioOpponentDownload
Dr. Wayne TroutThe American College of Obstetricians and GynecologistsOpponentDownload
Monica HueckelOhio State Medical AssociationOpponentDownload
Kristin Foley, MDCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Mallory McMasterCitizen of OhioInterested PartyDownload
David PepperCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Keleigh CookCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Zaynah ChaudhuryCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Stephanie Smith Bowman, MSW, LISW, CEODeafPhoenixOpponentDownload
Kristina AndrewsNARAL Pro-Choice OhioOpponentDownload
Becky PerkinsCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Catherine Romanos, MDCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Nikole PatsonCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Dr. Emily CassellCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Jessica Sherman, CNPEquitas HealthOpponentDownload
Mariely Neris Rodriguez Citizen of OhioOpponentDownload
Sarah Renee KellerCitizen of OhioOpponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Health, Human Services and MedicaidDecember 11, 20183rd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Catherine DavisThe Restoration ProjectProponentDownload
Adam Skylar RisingCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Petra WallenmeyerCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Cecilia EllisPlanned ParenthoodOpponentDownload
Rev. Dr. Marian StewartFirst Unitarian Universalist Church of ColumbusOpponentDownload
Rabbi Jessica ShimbergThe Little Minyan KehilahOpponentDownload
Jen ScottTri-State Freethinkers/American AtheistsOpponentDownload
Rachelle HeidlebaughSelfProponentDownload
Dr. Courtney SlonkoskyCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Chrisse FrancePretermOpponentDownload
Dr. Marcy SchwartzNational Council of Jewish WomenOpponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Health, Human Services and MedicaidDecember 12, 20184th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Anthony VaughnCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Julie BusbyCitizen of OhioProponentDownload
Christopher LongOhio Christian AllianceProponentDownload
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