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Senate Bill 331

General Assembly: 131

Short Title: Regulate dog sales and license pet stores   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 956.01, 956.03, 956.04, 956.12, 956.13, 956.14, 956.15, 956.18, 959.15, 959.99, 1717.06, 4111.02, 4939.01, 4939.02, 4939.03, and 4939.08; to enact sections 956.051, 956.181, 956.19, 956.20, 956.21, 956.22, 956.23, 956.99, 959.21, 4113.85, 4939.031, 4939.032, 4939.033, 4939.035, 4939.037, 4939.038, 4939.039, 4939.0311, 4939.0313, 4939.0315, 4939.0317, 4939.0319, 4939.0321, 4939.0325, and 4939.0327 of the Revised Code; and to amend Section 211.10 of Am. Sub. H.B. 64 of the 131st General Assembly to regulate the sale of dogs from pet stores and dog retailers, to require the Director of Agriculture to license pet stores, and to revise the civil penalties applicable to dog breeders and other specified entities; to govern construction and attachment activities related to micro wireless facilities in the public way; to prohibit political subdivisions from establishing minimum wage rates different from the rate required by state law; to generally grant private employers exclusive authority to establish policies concerning hours and location of work, scheduling, and fringe benefits, unless an exception applies; to prohibit a person from engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and related acts, to provide for the seizure and impoundment of an animal that is the subject of a violation, and to authorize a sentencing court to require an offender to undergo psychological evaluation or counseling; to prohibit and establish an increased penalty for knowingly engaging in activities associated with cockfighting, bearbaiting, or pitting an animal against another; to remove the residency requirement for the appointment of an agent to a county humane society; and to make an appropriation.

Primary Sponsor: Senator Peterson

Version: As Enrolled

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Date Chamber Results Vote
12/7/2016 House Passed
Yeas : 55
Nays : 42
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Ron Amstutz (R) Marlene Anielski (R)
Niraj J. Antani (R) Steven Arndt (R)
Nan A. Baker (R) John Becker (R)
Louis W. Blessing III (R) Terry Boose (R)
Andrew Brenner (R) Jim Buchy (R)
Tony Burkley (R) Jim Butler (R)
Margaret Conditt (R) Robert R. Cupp (R)
Anthony DeVitis (R) Bill Dean (R)
Jonathan Dever (R) Mike Dovilla (R)
Theresa Gavarone (R) Timothy Ginter (R)
Anne Gonzales (R) Wesley A. Goodman (R)
Doug Green (R) Christina Hagan (R)
David Hall (R) Bill Hayes (R)
Michael Henne (R) Brian Hill (R)
Ron Hood (R) Stephen A. Huffman (R)
Candice R. Keller (R) J. Kyle Koehler (R)
Al Landis (R) Ron Maag (R)
Nathan H. Manning (R) Robert McColley (R)
Derek Merrin (R) Dorothy Pelanda (R)
Rick Perales (R) Bill Reineke (R)
Wes Retherford (R) Kristina Roegner (R)
Mark J. Romanchuk (R)Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R)
Scott K. Ryan (R) Tim Schaffer (R)
Gary Scherer (R) Kirk Schuring (R)
Marilyn Slaby (R) Ryan Smith (R)
Robert Sprague (R) Louis Terhar (R)
Andy Thompson (R) Ron Young (R)
Paul Zeltwanger (R) 
Nickie J. Antonio (D) Michael Ashford (D)
John Barnes (D) Heather Bishoff (D)
John Boccieri (D) Kristin Boggs (D)
Kevin Boyce (D) Janine R. Boyd (D)
Tom Brinkman (R) Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D)
Jack Cera (D) Kathleen Clyde (D)
Hearcel F. Craig (D) Michael F. Curtin (D)
Denise Driehaus (D) Mike Duffey (R)
Teresa Fedor (D) Cheryl L. Grossman (R)
Stephen D. Hambley (R) Stephanie Howse (D)
Greta Johnson (D) Christie Bryant Kuhns (D)
Stephanie Kunze (R) Sarah LaTourette (R)
David Leland (D) Michele Lepore-Hagan (D)
Michael J. O'Brien (D) Sean O'Brien (D)
Bill Patmon (D) John Patterson (D)
Debbie Phillips (D) Alicia Reece (D)
Jeff Rezabek (R) John M. Rogers (D)
Margaret Ann Ruhl (R) Michael Sheehy (D)
Stephen Slesnick (D) Kent Smith (D)
Fred Strahorn (D) Martin J. Sweeney (D)
Emilia Strong Sykes (D) A. Nino Vitale (R)
12/7/2016 Senate Passed
Yeas : 21
Nays : 10
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5/25/2016 Senate Passed
Yeas : 21
Nays : 11
[ Show Breakdown ]
Kevin Bacon (R) Troy Balderson (R)
Bill Beagle (R) Dave Burke (R)
Bill Coley (R) John Eklund (R)
Keith Faber (R) Bob D. Hackett (R)
Cliff Hite (R) Jay Hottinger (R)
Shannon Jones (R) Kris Jordan (R)
Frank LaRose (R) Peggy Lehner (R)
Gayle Manning (R) Larry Obhof (R)
Scott Oelslager (R) Tom Patton (N)
Bob Peterson (R) Bill Seitz (R)
Joe Uecker (R) 
Edna Brown (D) Capri S. Cafaro (D)
Randy Gardner (R) Lou Gentile (D)
Tom Sawyer (D) Joe Schiavoni (D)
Michael J. Skindell (D) Charleta B. Tavares (D)
Cecil Thomas (D) Sandra R. Williams (D)
Kenny Yuko (D) 
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