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Revises the law governing decedents' estates

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To amend sections 1337.60, 2101.026, 2105.02, 2105.14, 2105.31, 2105.32, 2105.33, 2105.34, 2105.35, 2105.36, 2105.37, 2105.39, 2106.13, 2106.18, 2107.07, 2107.10, 2109.62, 2111.131, 2113.86, 4505.10, 5801.10, 5803.02, 5804.02, 5808.16, 5812.32, 5812.46, 5812.51, 5814.01, 5814.02, 5814.03, 5814.04, 5814.05, 5814.06, 5814.07, 5814.08, 5814.09, and 5815.23; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 2105.39 (2105.38) and 5814.09 (5814.10); to enact new sections 2105.39 and 5814.09 and sections 1337.571, 2105.40, 2127.012, 2137.01, 2137.02, 2137.03, 2137.04, 2137.05, 2137.06, 2137.07, 2137.08, 2137.09, 2137.10, 2137.11, 2137.12, 2137.13, 2137.14, 2137.15, 2137.16, 2137.17, 2137.18, and 5802.04; and to repeal section 2105.38 of the Revised Code to revise the law governing decedent's estates by making changes in the Ohio Trust Code, the Probate Law, the Uniform Principal and Income Act, the Transfers to Minors Act, and the Uniform Simultaneous Death Act; to authorize the director or any designee of the Franklin County Guardianship Service Board to act on behalf of the Board on guardianship matters, and to permit the Board to charge a reasonable fee for services to wards; and to adopt the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.

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April 6, 2017

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