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Revise law of wills, trusts, and suspicious deaths

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To amend sections 313.14, 1901.26, 1907.24, 2101.24, 2105.19, 2107.01, 2107.05, 2107.07, 2107.08, 2107.09, 2107.10, 2107.11, 2107.12, 2107.16, 2107.18, 2107.20, 2107.22, 2107.33, 2107.52, 2107.71, 2109.41, 2129.05, 2137.01, 2323.30, 2323.31, 2323.33, 2701.09, 2721.03, 3105.011, 3109.06, 4705.09, 5163.21, 5802.03, 5806.04, 5808.19, and 5815.16, to enact sections 2111.182, 2111.52, 2113.032, 2151.233, 2151.234, 2151.235, 2151.236, 2323.311, 2746.10, 3109.061, 5802.05, 5817.01, 5817.02, 5817.03, 5817.04, 5817.05, 5817.06, 5817.07, 5817.08, 5817.09, 5817.10, 5817.11, 5817.12, 5817.13, and 5817.14, and to repeal sections 2107.081, 2107.082, 2107.083, 2107.084, and 2107.085 of the Revised Code to permit nonelderly, disabled applicants or recipients of Medicaid benefits or their spouses to establish their own special needs trust on or after December 13, 2016, to specify domestic relations and juvenile court jurisdiction in certain matters, and relative to procedures for the waiver of certain fees for indigent litigants in civil actions, procedures for a testator to file a declaratory judgment action to declare the validity of a will prior to death and the settlor of a trust to file such an action to declare its validity, exceptions to antilapse provisions in class gifts in wills and trusts, admission of authenticated copies of wills of persons not domiciled in Ohio, incorporation of a written trust into a will, testimony of witnesses in admission of will to probate, trusts for a minor, arbitration of trust disputes, the creation of county and multicounty guardianship services boards, the coroner's disposition of person dying of suspicious or unusual death, an application for the release of medical records and medical billing records, adding involuntary manslaughter not resulting from a felony vehicular homicide offense to the list of offenses excluding an individual from inheriting from a decedent, attorney-client privilege when the client is acting as a fiduciary, and the placement of fiduciary funds in interest on lawyer's trust accounts.

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March 22, 2019

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