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Provide credit report to businesses/allow businesses to dispute

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To amend sections 135.77, 135.774, 307.04, 1115.05, 1321.52, 1321.68, 1322.01, 1322.02, 1322.04, 1322.07, 1322.09, 1322.10, 1322.12, 1322.15, 1322.29, 1322.30, 1322.32, 1322.34, 1322.43, 1322.50, 1322.52, 1345.01, 1349.72, 2913.11, and 4712.05; to enact section 1319.17; and to repeal sections 1322.24, 1322.25, and 1349.16 of the Revised Code relating to commercial credit reports, the Business Linked Deposit Program, the General Loan Law, the Ohio Banking Law, the Consumer Installment Loan Act, the Residential Mortgage Loan Law, utility supply contract duration, and COVID-19-related property tax valuation complaints.

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Laura Lanese
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Jessica E. Miranda
Bill Reineke
Craig S. Riedel
Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.
Bill Roemer
John M. Rogers
Bill Seitz
Michael Sheehy
Dick Stein
Fred Strahorn
D. J. Swearingen
Casey Weinstein
Thomas West

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