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House Joint Resolution 2 Committee Activity

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House Committees

Committee Date Status Bill Text
Criminal Justice March 30, 2022 1st Hearing Download
Witness Organization Testifying As Document
Representative LaRe & Representative Swearingen Proponent Download
Dave Yost Ohio Attorney General's Office Proponent Download
Committee Date Status Bill Text
Criminal Justice April 5, 2022 2nd Hearing Download
Witness Organization Testifying As Document
Joseph T. Deters Hamilton County Prosecutors Office Proponent Download
Ron O'Brien Proponent Download
Rick Bley Hamilton County Chiefs Association Proponent Download
Louis Tobin Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Proponent Download
Steve Stivers Ohio Chamber of Commerce Proponent Download
Megan E. Shanahan Interested Party Download
Committee Date Status Bill Text
Criminal Justice April 6, 2022 3rd Hearing Download
Witness Organization Testifying As Document
Jeremy Page The Bail Project Opponent Download
Patrick Higgins ACLU of Ohio Opponent Download
Tim Young Office of the Ohio Public Defender Opponent Download
Micah Derry Arnold Ventures Opponent Download
Kevin Werner Ohio Justice & Policy Center Opponent Download
Robert Alt The Buckeye Institute Interested Party Download
John Martin Cuyahoga County Public Defender Opponent Download
Jeff Dillon Americans for Prosperity Opponent Download
Andrea R Yagoda Opponent Download
Jeanne Weiland Opponent Download
Jessica Mount Opponent Download
Stephen Demuth Opponent Download
Richard C. Rastetter, Jr. Opponent Download
Connie Hammond Opponent Download
Arlene Schler Opponent Download
Jan M. Wiebe Opponent Download
Piet van Lier Policy Matters Ohio Opponent Download
Robert Seaton-Todd Opponent Download
Anne B. Becker Opponent Download
Mary Evans Opponent Download
Jean Swartley Opponent Download
Gerry Becker Opponent Download
Jonathan Perlman Opponent Download
Sandra Seaton-Todd Opponent Download
Cassie Bill Reform Coalition Program Opponent Download
Sarah Seaton-Todd Opponent Download
Blaise Katter Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Opponent Download
Jessica Dickinson Ohio Fair Courts Alliance Opponent Download
Elizabeth A. Hostetler Allen County (OH) Justice Coalition Opponent Download
Committee Date Status Bill Text
Criminal Justice May 11, 2022 4th Hearing Download

Primary Sponsors

Jeff LaRe
D. J. Swearingen


Niraj Antani
Andrew O. Brenner
Jerry C. Cirino
Theresa Gavarone
Bob D. Hackett
Frank Hoagland
Jay Hottinger
Terry Johnson
Sandra O'Brien
Bob Peterson
Bill Reineke
Mark Romanchuk
Tim Schaffer
Kirk Schuring
Steve Wilson
Cindy Abrams
Adam C. Bird
Sara P. Carruthers
Gary Click
Rodney Creech
Jon Cross
Robert R. Cupp
Al Cutrona
Jay Edwards
Mark Fraizer
Haraz N. Ghanbari
Timothy E. Ginter
Diane V. Grendell
Jennifer Gross
Thomas Hall
Adam Holmes
James M. Hoops
Marilyn S. John
Mark Johnson
Don Jones
Darrell Kick
J. Kyle Koehler
Brian E. Lampton
P. Scott Lipps
Mike Loychik
Riordan T. McClain
Kevin D. Miller
Scott Oelslager
Phil Plummer
Tracy M. Richardson
Craig S. Riedel
Bill Roemer
Jean Schmidt
Bill Seitz
Dick Stein
Jason Stephens
Shawn Stevens
Andrea White
Scott Wiggam
Shane Wilkin
Bob Young
Tom Young

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The online versions of legislation provided on this website are not official. Enrolled bills are the final version passed by the Ohio General Assembly and presented to the Governor for signature. The official version of acts signed by the Governor are available from the Secretary of State's Office in the Continental Plaza, 180 East Broad St., Columbus.