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Revise Guardianship Law, Trust Law, other estate-related law

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To amend sections 517.23, 517.24, 517.25, 1901.06, 1907.13, 2105.19, 2106.18, 2107.52, 2108.82, 2109.21, 2111.01, 2111.011, 2111.02, 2111.021, 2111.022, 2111.03, 2111.031, 2111.04, 2111.041, 2111.05, 2111.06, 2111.08, 2111.091, 2111.12, 2111.13, 2111.131, 2111.18, 2111.181, 2111.19, 2111.20, 2111.23, 2111.26, 2111.33, 2111.37, 2111.38, 2111.39, 2111.44, 2111.46, 2111.47, 2111.49, 2111.50, 2112.01, 2117.06, 2117.07, 2131.09, 2151.412, 2301.01, 2305.111, 2501.02, 2503.01, 3107.071, 4505.101, 4505.104, 4513.60, 4513.601, 4513.61, 4513.62, 4513.63, 4513.64, 4513.65, 4513.66, 4513.69, 4717.26, 5103.15, 5103.153, 5122.01, 5122.10, 5167.12, 5721.10, and 5808.19; to enact sections 2111.023, 5301.93, 5801.20, 5801.21, 5801.22, 5801.23, and 5801.24; and to repeal sections 2111.07, 2111.15, 2111.34, 2111.35, 2111.36, and 2111.45 of the Revised Code and to amend Section 3 of H.B. 518 of the 134th General Assembly to make changes to the law related to the disinterment of bodies buried in cemeteries; cremation; the presentment of claims against an estate; residential PACE lien priority; persons prohibited from benefiting by the death of another; the Guardianship Law; the Ohio Trust Law; the transfer of a decedent's vehicle or watercraft at public auction; Medicaid prior authorization requirements for prescription drugs, Medicaid managed care, and drugs used for medication-assisted treatment, withdrawal management, or detoxification; and the law regarding involuntary treatment for mentally ill persons subject to a court order; to convert one part-time judgeship of the Fulton County County Court to a full-time judgeship effective January 1, 2023, until that court is abolished on January 1, 2024; to modify the qualifications for office for judges of municipal courts, county courts, courts of common pleas, courts of appeals, and justices of the Supreme Court; to permit a public children services agency or private child placing agency to accept the voluntary permanent surrender of a child in the agency's temporary custody; to allow conservancy district law enforcement officials and natural resource and wildlife officers to dispose of motor vehicles abandoned on public or private property within their jurisdiction; and to enact the Scout's Honor Law to eliminate the limitations period for a civil action based on a claim of childhood sexual abuse only for purposes of filing claims against a bankruptcy estate.

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Jerry C. Cirino
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Diane V. Grendell
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Adam C. Miller
Bill Seitz

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