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Senate Bills
Senate Bills
S. B. No. 10
Incorporate changes in the Internal Revenue Code into Ohio law
S. B. No. 16
Regards immunity from liability for donations of perishable food
S. B. No. 17
Add capitalism to high school financial literacy standards
S. B. No. 21
Regards venue for appeal from an agency order, court changes
S. B. No. 34
Designate July as "Sarcoma Awareness Month"; name act Hank's Law
S. B. No. 43
Modify homestead exemption-surviving spouse of a disabled veteran
S. B. No. 56
Enter the Interstate Massage Compact (IMpact)
S. B. No. 81
Authorize certain nurses to sign hospital patient documents
S. B. No. 90
Enter the Social Work Licensure Compact
S. B. No. 91
Regards fraud, waste, and abuse of public funds
S. B. No. 106
Regards workers' comp coverage for certain exposure testing
House Bills
House Bills
H. B. No. 23
Enact FY 2024-2025 transportation budget
H. B. No. 31
Enact FY 2024-2025 workers' compensation budget
H. B. No. 32
Enact FY 2024-2025 Industrial Commission budget
H. B. No. 33
Establishes operating appropriations for fiscal years 2024-2025
H. B. No. 34
Excuse breast-feeding mothers from jury service
H. B. No. 35
Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims
H. B. No. 50
Create mechanism to allow relief-collateral sanction for housing
H. B. No. 52
Reverse H.B. 509/134th GA changes to EMS training, continuing ed
H. B. No. 61
Designate James A. Garfield Day
H. B. No. 68
Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act
H. B. No. 101
Modify the law regarding village dissolution
H. B. No. 158
Regards the regulation of cosmetologists and barbers
H. B. No. 161
Eliminate spousal exceptions for certain sex offenses
H. B. No. 191
Revise the law regarding bail
H. B. No. 195
Create an adaptive mobility dealer license
H. B. No. 201
Prohibit sale restrictions on motor vehicle based on power source
H. B. No. 250
Revise the Military Enlistment diploma seal
H. B. No. 269
Designate Sgt Bradley J. Harper USMC Memorial Highway