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House Bill 189

General Assembly: 132

Short Title: Change Cosmetology Licensing Law   [ Show Long Title ]

Long Title: To amend sections 2925.01, 4709.03, 4713.01, 4713.02, 4713.07, 4713.071, 4713.08, 4713.081, 4713.09, 4713.10, 4713.14, 4713.141, 4713.16, 4713.17, 4713.24, 4713.28, 4713.31, 4713.32, 4713.34, 4713.35, 4713.36, 4713.41, 4713.44, 4713.45, 4713.55, 4713.56, 4713.58, 4713.59, 4713.60, 4713.61, 4713.62, 4713.63, 4713.64, and 4713.69, to enact new section 4713.39 and sections 4713.341, 4713.70, and 4713.71, and to repeal sections 4713.25, 4713.30, and 4713.39 of the Revised Code to make changes to the Cosmetology Licensing Law.

Primary Sponsor: Representative Roegner, Representative Reece

Version: As Re-Referred by the House Rules and Reference Committee

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House Committees
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Government Accountability and OversightMay 17, 20171st HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Rep RoegnerProponentDownload
Rep ReeceProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Government Accountability and OversightMay 23, 20172nd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Tony FioreOhio Salon AssociationProponentDownload
Clara OsterhageProponentDownload
Charles PenzoneThe Charles Penzone SalonsProponentDownload
Frank GambuzzaProponentDownload
Lori YeargerSportClipsProponentDownload
Debra TilleryProponentDownload
Stefan EckertGreat ClipsProponentDownload
Bridget SharpeProfessional Beauty AssociationProponentDownload
Frank SchoenemanEmpire Education GroupProponentDownload
Tom Quick and Lisa GroomeRoosters: Men's Grooming CenterProponentDownload
Tasha SheiplineProponentDownload
Gordon LoganSports ClipsProponentDownload
Dub NelsonRoosters: Men's Grooming CentersProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Government Accountability and OversightJune 21, 20173rd HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Greg LawsonThe Buckeye Institute Interested PartyDownload
Michael ShuhProponentDownload
Mahlaina YeagerProponentDownload
Dana PallatosProponentDownload
Bridget SharpeProfessional Beauty AssociationProponentDownload
Myra ReddyFuture of Beauty Industry CoalitionProponentDownload
NeCole CumberlanderProponentDownload
Rowena YeagerProponentDownload
Beth HickeyProponentDownload
David Boucher AdditionalProponentDownload
David BoucherProponentDownload
Rachelle KingProponentDownload
Kerry SawyerProponentDownload
Nancy BrownOpponentDownload
Wezlynn VanDyke DavisOpponentDownload
Patrick ThompsonOpponentDownload
Angela HarveyOpponentDownload
Jill Hawkins MitchellOpponentDownload
Gerry ReisOpponentDownload
Will MoldenOpponentDownload
Chris FerrusoNFIBProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Government Accountability and OversightFebruary 28, 20184th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Lisa NelsonProponentDownload
Ohio Salon Association ProponentDownload
Don BoydProponentDownload
Clara OsterhageProponentDownload
Chris FerrusoNFIBProponentDownload
CommitteeDateStatusBill Text
Government Accountability and OversightMarch 7, 20185th HearingDownload
WitnessOrganizationTestifying AsDocument
Wezlynn DavisOpponentDownload
Patrick ThompsonOpponentDownload
Don BoydOhio Chamber of CommerceProponentDownload
Sue Carter MooreOhio Association of Cosmetology SchoolsOpponentDownload
Nancy BrownBrown Aveda InstituteOpponentDownload
Brandon OgdenProponentDownload
Natalie LockhartJCPenney SalonProponentDownload
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